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Welcome to Vital Source Nutrition 

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Nutrition and lifestyle interventions are the foundation to health. How well our bodies function depends on the foods we choose to eat, quality sleep, exercise, and emotional well-being. Vital Source Nutrition is here to guide you through your health journey by creating the healthiest and best version of you!

Specializing in:
  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) 

  • Intestinal Permeability (“Leaky Gut”) 

  • Food Sensitivities 

  • Thyroid Disease/Hashimoto’s

  • Weight Loss

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Diabetes

  • Detoxification and chemical sensitivity

  • Nutrition Education

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I worked with Jess after my strokes nearly four years ago. As Western medicine failed to help me heal and rebuild my body and injured brain, I turned to functional medicine. A major component of my treatment was nutrition. I believe food is medicine and foundational to overall health, so this fit with my own core values.

With Jess's guidance, knowledge, encouragement, and support, I worked to understand and heal my gut, which helped provide both my brain and body robust nutrition, so very essential to healing. I changed my diet significantly and cleansed my system, which resulted in increased focus and clarity, as well as a bonus weight loss. Jess has significant knowledge of nutrition and its interplay with health. Jess is creative in her approaches and treatment suggestions for improved health. Plus, she's fun to work with!