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What is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist?

The health-care field is undergoing a major paradigm shift. What once was a “disease-centered” approach is now a “patient-centered” approach. Functional medicine is just that, patient centered. The primary foundation principle of functional medicine is a systems-based approach to healthcare that considers the interrelationship of the entire body.

When we look at the whole person, we can identify and heal the root cause(s) of your disease.

Similarly, a functional medicine nutritionist has been trained in functional medicine and looks at the big picture to understand your unique disease process. Addressing the whole person aids in restoring physiology and promoting optimal health. A functional nutritionist considers many factors that promote disease such as diet, sleep quality, stress, toxicant exposure, insufficient nutrient intake, digestive issues, and emotional wellbeing. Functional nutritionists use laboratory testing as a means of identifying the root cause to your illness. Based on these findings individualized wellness plans that go beyond diet and supplementation are created to address the root of your symptoms.

A functional nutritionist understands and will address the impact of emotional wellbeing, stress, sleep, and other lifestyle factors that may be impeding your health. When working with a functional medicine practitioner, you will take a holistic approach to your health in addressing your whole body and improving overall physiology.

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